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Every document and project task has its own comment area. Discuss changes that are needed, record meeting notes and next steps, or detail phone conversations. The entire team stays informed, and you have an organized, time-stamped record of all relevant discussions.

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What is Commenting?

Commenting within Workzone’s web-based platform allow users and contributors to comment on and discuss projects, tasks, or documents. Users are able to subscribe to discussions or tag other users to send and receive notifications when new comments are posted.

Why is Commenting important?

Discussions and commenting allow for transparency in the project management process. When comments are in one place (the project or task) no one is left searching their email for specific threads and anyone who views the project is able to see where the project stands and get themselves up to speed quickly.

Who uses Commenting?

We find that every team uses discussions and comments in Workzone’s online project management system. The ability to collaborate around projects and tasks is one of the driving forces of productivity within the system because it keeps all communication in a single location.

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