Stunning 6 Methods of Weed Control

Weed control: Weeds are annual or perennial small plants growing in almost every place on the earth’s surface. They are called weed because they are growing in some areas where they are not desired. Any undesirable plants grown in the wrong place are called weed. They have great economic importance because they can cause significant damage to the growth of garden plants. They fight with our desired garden plants for air, water, sunlight, nutrients, and space. They can be the harbor of different pests and diseases.

Weeds’ unsightly nature is a significant problem, i.e., they can grow everywhere, even on the wall of our beautiful house and roads. After growing, they give an ugly appearance, which no one wants. However, there are some methods that we can apply to this battle against weeds. The problem of weed must be tackled by applying those methods. In this article, we’ll know about them.

Annual weeds: Weed needs to complete its life cycle for surviving. Annual weeds are those weeds which are complete their life cycle in a year. Generally, they spread by seeding. Fertile soil is a good harbor of weeds. They took food and nutrients from fertile soil. The golden rule of removing annual weeds we must be killed at their emerging stage before seeding by hand pulling, hoeing, or burning off with a contact weed killer.

Perennial weeds: These weeds complete their life cycle over a year and survive by means of underground stems or roots. They take food and nutrients from underground stems and roots during lack of sufficient food. Underground stems are spread from one place to another with the weeds. The golden rule of controlling perennial weed is removing extra leaves of plants regularly that work to starve the underground storage organ and the weeds. Besides, the translocated weed killer must be used for controlling the perennial weed.

Methods of weed control


pulling weeds by handIt is the most well-known and oldest method of weed control still present day. It is an advantageous technique in certain situations. Removal of weeds by bare hand is called hand pulling weed control. We can remove well-grown but easily uprooted annual weeds with our bare hands.

The weed can be in beds and borders, the digging out of isolated deep-rooted weeds in the lawn. By this technique, we can also eradicate weeds that grow amongst the alpines in the rockery. This technique is appropriate, where there are a few large weeds present. But the problem is; many times, they are widespread in large areas with a dense population. In this difficult situation, hand pulling control can’t work.


hoeing weeding

Hoe is a long-handled gardening tool with a thin metal blade, used mainly for removing weeds. The hoe is known as the traditional enemy of the weed. And despite all the advances of science, it remains the most critical weed killing technique around growing plants.

It is much quicker than hand pulling and will destroy large numbers of annual weeds if the soil surface is dry, the hoe blade is sharp, and the depth of out kept shallow. Not effective against perennials- hoe at regular intervals to starve out roots.



We can control weeds by mulching effectively. Nurseries take on various sizes, shapes, and qualities. Essentially, there is a wide assortment of mulch that can be utilized to propel your nursery plan, including natural mulch and non-natural mulch. Choosing what sort of mulch to use in your nursery, just as on the off chance that you ought to put resources into mulch by any means, is, at last, a vocation for an expert yard care organization. 


In any case, when one is confronted with the choice to utilize mulch for their finishing needs, they should mull over the advantages that mulch can give. The vast majority comprehend that mulching will guarantee your house is manicured and that your scene looks perfect and fresh, yet they are unconscious of the numerous favorable circumstances that mulching can offer your nursery

  • Manage Weeds
  • Preserve Moisture
  • Prohibit Soil Erosion
  • Keep Soil Nutrients
  • Control Soil Temperature


When fire weeding, the best strategy is to get weeds ahead of schedule, from 1-4 inches. Blazing is about 100% viable at executing weeds at this little stage, though weeds more than 4 inches are increasingly hard to slaughter without different flamings. 

flame weeding

You would prefer not to consume weeds to debris! A moderate walk is typically the best place on littler weeds – only a brief moment of warmth should slaughter undesirable weeds and grasses totally – you don’t have to char them. Naturally, a few kinds of grass will return following a flaring.

Rehash applications, be that as it may, will, for the most part, work. For best outcomes, increment presentation to the warmth if weeds are wet from dew. Water on the leaves goes about as protection and diminishes cell harm except if the presentation time is expanded. Note: it is alright to fire when it is wet out. We prescribe it. Dampness will decrease the risk of the start of dry trash. 

Fire wedding is the thing that we like to call a “moderate execute.” You are annihilating the cell structure in the plant leaf. The weed will never again put vitality toward development (photosynthesis), taking the murder; however, the root framework. Indeed, fire weeding will murder the roots as well! Indeed, even on large weeds (more than 6″), you will see a hindering impact and even a kill inside a couple of days, contingent upon how settled the root framework is and to what extent the plant was presented to warm. Once more, the different applications might be vital for entrenched jeans. At the point when you see green – fire!

5. Digging


Weeds in your yard or nursery are undesirable irritations that you ought to dispose of before they remove supplements in the dirt from your attractive plants. Uncovering weeds evacuate the whole weed, roots and all, from the beginning.

Contingent upon the area and kind of weed, this may require various instruments. By taking out the entire plant, you are guaranteed that that equivalent plant won’t regrow in a similar area. Independently evacuating weeds likewise ensures that your existing plants are not harmed or unintentionally slaughtered all the while. The unattractive weeds are expelled from your nursery, giving you immediate satisfaction. The ideal approach to uncover weeds is to hold up until after a downpour when the dirt is wet and delicate enough to haul the weeds out.

6. Using herbicides

A herbicide is an item used to slaughter undesirable plants, much how a pesticide is utilized to murder bugs. Regularly, herbicides are being used to execute weeds or to free a zone from the brush. There are engineered and natural herbicides. Whatever type you pick, they should all be utilized sparingly and with special consideration. Because an item is natural doesn’t mean it can’t be lethal to individuals, pets, animals, and “great” plants. 


There are a few kinds of herbicides accessible to mortgage holders, and it pays to realize both what sort of plants you need to dispose of and what sort of herbicide you are utilizing. A few herbicides are very focused on, and others will execute any plant they come in contact with.


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