What are important safety practices when using pesticides

What are important safety practices when using pesticides:

What are important safety practices when using pesticides? You should know that there are some important safety practices you should follow when using pesticides. These are as follows-

  • Always use the recommended dose of herbicides.
  • Always follow Instructions given for the use of particular herbicides.
  • Sprayer should be calibrated properly to-find-out matter cover a hectare of land.
  • Always use clean water.
  • Always use the clean sprayer for herbicide application.
  • Prepare the solution just before spraying.
  • Avoid spraying on windy weather.
  • Be careful in applying near susceptible plants.
  • Avoid drift hazard.
  • Be selective in selecting herbicide for multiple weed killing
  • Do not store herbicide solution for too long after mixing with water.
  • Flat fan type nozzles are well suitable for herbicides application.
  • Store herbicides separately from seeds, fertilizer, insecticides, and other pesticides.
  • Generally 20-30 lbs. air pressure per square inch is good.
  • Disposal of empty container by burning down at least 18 inches deep in an isolated area away from water supply points.
  • Do not drain or flush spray equipment near-source domestic irrigation water.
  • Use gloves for applying granular herbicides.
  • Broadcast granular herbicides uniformly in 4-5 cm standing water.
  • The spray of herbicides should be done after draining the water from the field.
  • ¬†Chlorinated and phosphate type insecticides should not be applied 15 days-before or after the applications of propanil herbicides
  • Do not spray 2, 4-D herbicides before tiling stage of the plants
  • Always see levels of the herbicide packet for the safety purposes

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